With disappointed hearts, in light of the most recent restrictions, and the talk of them being extended, and the realities of this uncertain time, we believe it is prudent and necessary to postpone the WCW retreat until August 31- September 2nd (Basics), & September 2-4 (Specifics) 2020.
Certainly, this will create a headache for some as flights have been scheduled. Thankfully, with having a new date, many airlines are waiving fees for changes in travel schedules. We have already purchased and received supplies for this event that can not be returned, and will have to wait for our August/September date.
In light of these changes, by emailing or calling the office 989.366.5162, know that you are able to:
  1. Roll your registration and payments to the August/September event
  2. Donate your registration fees to Camp CoBeAc, a charitable 501(3)(c)
  3. Receive a full refund for this event
Thank you for your patience and consideration, as we have tried to not respond in a reaction to the panic, at this time, we believe our difficult decision to postpone is necessary. While we are trusting our God in all things, we do recognize the changes in our daily lives and challenges in our culture due to the COVID-19 virus.
We appreciate your prayers for the camp ministry in this uncertain time, and we look forward to continuing to serve you, your families, and your churches.