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At CoBeAc, we focus on four elements of camp: No Distractions, Great Food, Real Joy, and Spiritual Intensity! Hundreds of young people are challenged by preachers from all across the country to make decisions for salvation and Christian Growth!
Every teen is looking for a reason to take a few days off school and have some fun. Camp CoBeAc offers the opportunity for teens to break away from busy schedules and loads of homework. Come and spend a few days at camp for a time to relax physically and recharge spiritually.
Experience two unique weeks of camp here at CoBeAc. The first week will include sessions and interactions with speakers and camp staff. The second week involves serving in multiple areas of camp ministry. Reserve your opportunity to make a difference this summer!

Come | Believe | Accept

Started in 1959 by a group of Independent Baptist Churches in Michigan, CoBeAc has served thousands of people across the Great Lakes region for 60 years. Alongside its growing summer camp ministry, CoBeAc offers a year-round camping experience for all ages and needs. Whether it’s spring or fall ladies’ retreats, father & son getaways or family camps, you will experience a friendly staff, a cozy northern-woods atmosphere, great food, and excellent programming. Come to beautiful, northern Michigan to experience all CoBeAc has to offer you!!!

Snow Camp

January 20-February 12, 2022

Snow Camp

February 11-12, 2022

Women Counseling Women Basics

April 4-7, 2022


April 22-23, 2022

Snow Camp. Always a highlight.

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Meet Our Team

God has blessed Camp CoBeAc with an incredible team of full-time staff members and their families. The full-time staff members at Camp CoBeAc serve at

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