Time Campaign

Staff Housing Project

I believe we have entered into a new chapter for this ministry. And by entering into this new chapter, I believe it is TIME to organize, plan, and execute a solid, consistent, and driven stewardship plan for CoBeAc. It is my proposal to launch the Camp CoBeAc TIME campaign. This will be the platform which will drive the capital-improvement fundraising arm for our ministry.

TIME stands for Truth, Investment, Ministry, and Eternity. CoBeAc has always embraced these stewardship concepts, but now it is TIME to go forward with a strategic plan. To summarize, this campaign is about investing in the growth of this ministry. I want our needs to be communicated to the ministry-minded people who are willing to invest. I want to make it easy for people to give online, over mobile, during a camp presentation, or at camp. Whether towards a new furnace in the chapel, staff housing, or a new program activity, our goals need to be clear and our communication clearer.

It would be my proposal to launch our TIME campaign which would demonstrate an organized, efficient, strategic stewardship plan for the future of CoBeAc. The TIME campaign will be a branded tool by which we can launch things in the future and help us reach our ministry goals over the next ten years. Major capital improvement projects will be included and launched from this platform including Staff Housing, Future Cabins and Buildings, new operational staff housing, etc. We will focus our fundraising efforts with individual churches and offer investment tools for donor’s wanting to put CoBeAc in their trusts and wills.

There are many things God still wants to do here. Our focus is souls. It is TIME to go forward to create more testimonies of God’s grace working in hearts, for His glory, at CoBeAc for years to come!