Mission & History


“Using the unique resources of Christian camping, Camp CoBeAc strives to create a culture where people can know God.”
Commitment to the Local Church
We believe in the authority and importance of the local church, and the pastoral leadership which oversees it. We were never established to be a replacement for the church, nor do we possess any autonomy over any individual local assembly. We submit ourselves as a resource and tool for local churches in ministering to their campers. We seek to elevate and enhance a love for the church in every camper.
Commitment to the Bible
We believe in the authority of Scripture for all life and practice for the Christian. We stand with the group of churches which owns and operates Camp CoBeAc that the Bible is the inerrant, inspired, authoritative Word of God. The preaching of God’s Word becomes the central, most important facet of our Camp. It is by the confrontation of God’s Word in the services, counseling and teaching that souls are saved and lives are changed.
Commitment to Evangelism
We believe in confronting lost people with the glorious promise of God that they can be saved from their sins through the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is our goal that every camper receives a clear and understandable presentation of the gospel.
Commitment to Standards
We are committed to maintain conservative standards that reflect Biblical values in regard to music, appearance, dating relationships, speech, and conduct. We reinforce patriotism, godliness, respect and courtesy in our camp program.
Commitment to Service
We desire to model servant leadership with a spirit of humility and grace. We strive to be like our Savior for He came not to be served, but to serve. As a staff, we want to remove all distractions and humbly submit ourselves to meet the needs of our guests and friends.
Commitment to Excellence
We desire to excel in every area of camping ministry from food service preparation to facility management; from staff recruitment to program creativity; from safety training to hospitality services. To ensure the highest standards of integrity and excellence the camp board, the administration and staff and other auditing organizations are working together to guarantee that we meet and exceed those standards that have been recognized nationally in the camping industry.